Thursday, August 15, 2019

St Mary Mackillop's Feast Day

Last week it was St Mary Mackillop's feast day. We did some fun activities with Room 3 like making a poster about Mary Mackillop and Mary Mackillop paper statues. My buddies were Rosa and Eva, it was so much fun! I hope we go back to room 3 again. This is what my statue looks like.

Thursday, August 8, 2019


Every week on Monday we go to a classroom for Pumanawa. I'm in Room 6 for Pumanawa! So basically if you're a senior you do ether yoga in library, performing\singing Rm 6, cartooning Rm 5, digital technology and food science. In Rm 6 we're singing a million dreams and Ka waiata and learning about props and costume. This week we made a costume, we got given two big pieces of fabric, pins and two pieces of elastic with that we made a dress! It has been very fun in Rm 6.

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

The Atlantic Ocean

Last week we were tasked to make a poster on google draw. We could either choose the Atlantic Ocean, Southern Ocean, pacific Ocean, Arctic Ocean or the Indian Ocean. So I chose the Atlantic Ocean! It was very fun researching and finding information about the Atlantic ocean, I learnt some fun facts like the Atlantic Ocean is 106.5 km wide! This is what mine looks like.

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Science Expeirmrent

Today we did a science experiment! It was about what happens when you put salt on ice, we did it with our table. So basically this is what happened: when you put the salt on the ice it made the ice crackle and made the outside hard. At the end we got to throw them up into the air and watch them crack I learnt that big ones make bigger cracks and if you put more salt on them it makes a bigger crack. 

Egg Sitting

Last week in Room 5 we were egg sitting! It was like looking after a real human, because it needs warmth, love and most of all looking after. Sadly my egg cracked on the second to last day. We learnt a lot about how to keep ourselves safe! 

Monday, July 1, 2019

Keeping Our Self's Safe

We have been learning about how to keep ourselves safe online. I was in a group with Emma. It was really fun and we got to learn lots about keeping ourselves safe!

Book Week

This term we had book character week! I went in a group as the babysitters club. I went as Kristy Thomas, Emma went as Mary Anne Spier, Faith went as Stacey McGill, Rosa went as Claudia Kishi and Mia went as Dawn Schafer. It was a really fun day and we had a Book Week treasure hunt! This is a photo of us.